Q&A: UW research shows neural connection between learning a second language and learning to code

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female programmer entering code into a computer

I-LABS faculty member Chantel Prat and her graduate student Iris Kuo are featured in this UW News Q&A feature. Their work concerns how the brains of adults, who have varying skill levels in computer programming, read lines of code in a computer programming language. The brain’s response to viewing errors in both the syntax (form) and semantics (meaning) of code appeared identical … Read More

What babies think: Meltzoff interviewed in Der Spiegel

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der spiegel cover art

Der Spiegel is a German newsmagazine that is published weekly. It is one of the most widely circulated magazines in Germany, and throughout Europe.  In a recently-published story called “What Babies Think”, I-LABS co-Director Andrew Meltzoff was quoted about the cognitive skills that infants and children exhibit, and how these are studied in a research lab. The story was published on March … Read More

Neva Corrigan interviewed for New Scientist magazine

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profile of young female

New Scientist interview on study showing adolescent brains changed in unexpected ways during Covid-19 lockdown Dr. Neva Corrigan was the lead author on new research about the structural changes in adolescent brains pre- and post-pandemic. As reported in the popular science magazine New Scientist (Jan. 2024), the data showed that cortical thickness in teenagers, following the pandemic, was abnormally reduced across widespread areas … Read More

Reducing the gender gap in computer science

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Allison Master with young students learning in front of computer

Very early in elementary school, boys and girls have equal interest in learning skills used for coding, and confidence in those lessons.  A shift in girls’ interest in computer coding and decrease in their confidence to learn starts around third grade.However, boys’ interest and confidence continue to grow over the years.  Dr. Allison Master (now at the University of Houston) with … Read More

US Senator Maria Cantwell visits I-LABS

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Senator Maria Cantwell

I-LABS recently hosted US Senator Maria Cantwell to brief her on the latest science about early childhood development. I-LABS scientists discussed many topics including how early learning predicts later language proficiency, how children pick up cultural norms including biases and prejudice, and how non-invasive imaging reveals discoveries that revolutionize what we know about  infant and child brain function. Our deepest thanks … Read More

I-LABS Director of Outreach briefs national business leaders on brain development in children ages 0-5.

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Amelia Bachleda, Ph.D.

Dr. Amelia Bachleda engaged members of ReadyNation recently in a talk on infant brain development. One of the captivating moments in the presentation was the revelation that millions of neurons are formed each second in the early years of life. In addition, Bachleda spoke about the importance of early social interactions to formation of executive function skills in toddlerhood.  The ReadyNation audience consisted of business leaders from around the … Read More

Andrew Meltzoff elected to National Academy of Education

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Andrew Meltzoff

I-LABS co-Director Andrew Meltzoff has been elected to the National Academy of Education (NAE). This prestigious group of scholars are selected for their impact on the field of education. The NAE is the nation’s highest scientific body in education sciences, often consulted by the White House, Congress, and others. NAE member Meltzoff is being recognized for his work on stereotypes … Read More

Chantel Prat on Nature Neuroscience podcast

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Chantel Prat

Tales from the Synapse is a 12-part podcast series produced in partnership with the scientific journal Nature Neuroscience. The series features brain scientists from all over the world who talk about their career journeys, collaborations and the societal impact of their research.  In this episode, I-LABS faculty member Chantel Prat talks about her studies on the neuroscience of individual differences in … Read More

I-LABS Outreach Resources Now Available in Four Languages

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Many of our I-LABS Outreach Resources are now available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Somali. We invite you to explore our new translated materials, including select modules, discussion guides, handouts, and infographics.  Click here for resources in English Click here for resources in Spanish Click here for resources in Vietnamese Click here for resources in Somali

New America blog shares I-LABS DLL research

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New America is a think tank which focuses on public policy issues. Recently their Education Policy Program blogged about I-LABS research on dual-language learning (DLL) which strikes down common misconceptions about babies’ brain, cognitive and social development when learning more than one language. Thanks to the I-LABS Outreach team’s Beth Zack and Marley Jarvis whose presentation inspired this New America … Read More