New MEG Course


Dr. Adrian KC Lee's course - SPHSC 594 - represents a first in the United States. To-date no other course on MEG technology has been taught in the U.S.. Curriculum not only focuses on MEG-related subject matter, but is also intended to reinforce the unique opportunity MEG technology offers in fostering interdisciplinary research and collaboration. Dr. Lee and others involved in this ground-breaking academic endeavor will be chronicling the experience in blogs and video throughout the quarter.

Course Description

This course introduces students to the neuroimaging technique known as magnetoencephalography (MEG) that is specifically suitable for capturing the dynamics of our brain. Understanding brain dynamics involved in many perception and cognitive tasks is of particular interest to the fields of speech & hearing, psychology, as well as linguistics. In engineering, the understanding of how our brain dynamics can be used to interact with machines strongly influences the future design of devices using a brain computer interface. The aim of this course is to foster an interdisciplinary environment such that students from neuroscience and engineering backgrounds can develop fruitful collaborative approaches to advance our understanding of brain dynamics using MEG.


More about Dr. Lee

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