Key Areas of Research

Language (speech, reading, bilingualism): Children’s early language skills predict future reading abilities, and skills not developed early are difficult to remediate later on. Our work will lead to the development of tools to help parents support their young children’s early language and literacy skills. We will also understand the role of bilingual language experience on cognition and the brain.

Social and emotional development (empathy, imitation, self-concepts, stereotyping): Social interaction and imitative learning play an important role in early brain and behavioral development. The development of self-identity, empathy for others, and self-confidence also depend critically on early environments.  Read more

Cognition (memory, problem-solving, mathematical and technical knowledge): Human cognition and innovation depends on memory, logic, mathematical reasoning, and the manipulation of physical tools and abstract symbols. Brain data will help I-LABS’ researchers understand these processes and how experiences optimize development and creativity in children.

Brain development: I-LABS’ research will establish how early experiences, both positive and negative, affect the growth and development of the young brain, and in particular how the social and emotional context influences learning.