Human Infants Can Override Possessive Tendencies to Share Valued Items with Others

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Scientific Reports, 2021, 11:9635 Download publication here Rodolfo Cortes Barragan & Andrew N. Meltzoff Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, University of Washington Email to:; In adults, the feeling of possessiveness that we have toward certain favorite objects can be overridden by a counteracting tendency—the tendency for generosity and sharing with other people. As adults, we often want to retain our money and … Read More

American Philosophical Society honors I-LABS Co-Director Patricia Kuhl

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I-LABS co-Director, Dr. Patricia Kuhl, has received the Karl Spencer Lashley Award from the American Philosophical Society.  Founded in 1743 by Benjamin Franklin with the aim of “promoting useful knowledge,” the Society recognizes scientists who have made significant advances in a number of fields.  The Spencer Lashley Award is given for work that expands our understanding of the neurological mechanisms … Read More

Dr. Christina Zhao promoted to Research Assistant Professor

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Christina Zhao, PhD, has been appointed a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. Dr. Zhao will continue to base her research lab, the Lab for Early Auditory Perception (LEAP), at I-LABS. Her innovative research includes the impacts and benefits of early music experience on language development and the brain. Her findings suggest important links between … Read More

I-LABS Research Identifies Cooperative Health Indicators

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In order to slow the spread of COVID, health officials need people to adhere to health guidelines. But which people are most likely to follow these guidelines? New I-LABS research may suggest some answers. Working in collaboration with colleagues from the Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering, Rodolfo Cortes Barragan and Andrew Meltzoff created an innovative online study that reached … Read More

Early Learning Nation Taps I-LABS Expertise

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babies interacting

What do young children know about race?  How and when do they learn it?  Early learning professionals need answers to these difficult questions, and Early Learning Nation has looked to I-LABS expertise to provide answers.  Drs. Marley Jarvis and Andrew Meltzoff were interviewed by this influential site, which also links to several I-LABS Outreach resources.   Read the Early Learning Nation … Read More

New Film Highlights NAS Report

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In September 2020, the National Academy of Sciences published a groundbreaking research brief on early childhood education. I-LABS co-Director and National Academy of Sciences Councilor Patricia Kuhl was interviewed for this documentary, which summarizes the NAS brief.  Both the brief and the film answer the question: Does quality early childhood education lead to more successful lives as adults?  Spoiler alert: … Read More

Advancing Public Engagement with Science

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public engagement plan

I-LABS is one of the only research institutes in the nation to have a team dedicated to public engagement. Through their community collaborations, the outreach team connects science with practice.  This work continues to gain national attention. In 2019, Outreach Specialist Amelia Bachleda was awarded a yearlong ARIS fellowship. The Center for Advancing Research Impact in Society works to strengthen … Read More

I-LABS Co-Director Appointed to Yidan Prize Council of Luminaries

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Yidan Luminaries

The Yidan Prize Foundation, a global philanthropic educational foundation focused on inspiring and supporting innovative education ideas and practices, has announced the formation of a Council of Luminaries.  It has named I-LABS co-Director Patricia Kuhl as one of 16 of the world’s leading lights in education research and practice. The Council of Luminaries gathers the world’s brightest minds – researchers, … Read More

I-LABS and MEGIN Launch Strategic Partnership

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MEG device

I-LABS has begun a new strategic partnership with MEG manufacturer, MEGIN, that will advance the development of software and hardware technology in these sophisticated brain imaging systems. With the delivery in early 2021 of the most up-to-date MEG machine, this partnership will enable unparalleled views into learning minds.  In this video, I-LABS scientists explain why MEG is an invaluable tool for brain … Read More