Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at I-LABS

We embrace and respect the differences represented by those in the I-LABS community – people who work and study here, who participate in research, as well as our community partners. We recognize that we are bound together in a collective experience and that our actions impact all in our community. Our work is guided by a commitment to building an inclusive environment that honors each individual. This ongoing process is guided by the following values:

- Science is best when it is collaborative, participatory, and representative.
We strive to increase the representation of marginalized individuals within I-LABS, as well as those who participate in research. Collaborate with diverse groups of people.

- Valuing everyone’s complex mix of identities and experiences is key to inclusivity.
I-LABS is a “safe space” for all individuals. We are building a physical and cultural environment where people feel welcome. In addition, we are dedicating effort to improve the cultural competence and understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion.

- Career growth should be nurtured and encouraged.
Those seeking a career in science benefit from the guidance of mentors, and we double down on that effort with individuals from marginalized communities. We are creating pathways for mentorship at I-LABS, and we seek opportunities to introduce marginalized students to research careers.

- Communication should be robust, respectful and open.
We recognize that connection among I-LABS team members is critical to the success of an interdisciplinary institute, and we foster communication and diversity of opinions in the pursuit of mutual understanding. Looking outward, we extend this value to communication with research participants, visitors, and community groups

- Scientific knowledge is empowering and should be accessible to everyone.
Translating and disseminating scientific information to broader audiences is essential. We strive to create relevant and accessible messages and materials to share these with diverse partners across communities, and to co-create resources that are meaningful and relevant.

- Meaningful change requires accountability.
Our work to advance equity and inclusion is an ongoing process. The I-LABS community will review progress on a recurring basis and share our findings with stakeholders.