Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at I-LABS

As a research institute, we believe that knowledge is foundational to fostering change. At I-LABS, we help create new understanding about the roots of prejudice, stereotypes, and biases with the goal of diminishing their negative impact on children and families. We take a strength-based view of diverse cultures, languages, and practices.

We embrace and respect the differences represented by those in the I-LABS community – people who work and study here, who participate in research, and our partners inside and outside the university. We recognize that we are bound together in a collective experience and that our actions impact all in our community. Our efforts to build an inclusive environment that honors each individual are guided by the following values:

Communication is respectful and open.
We strive for open communication to promote mutual understanding and healthy working relationships. We extend this value to our interactions with research participants, visitors, and all those who interact with I-LABS.

Valuing everyone’s complex mix of identities and experiences is key to inclusivity.
We continue to foster an environment where people feel welcome. We are dedicated to improving our cultural competence and understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion.

I-LABS recognizes the strong benefits of doing collaborative, participatory, and representative science.
We continuously work toward increasing the representation of marginalized individuals within I-LABS, as well as those who participate in research. We value and engage in collaborations with diverse groups.

Career growth is nurtured and encouraged.
We support mentorship to move individuals along their career pathways. In particular, we have and will continue to identify opportunities for marginalized and traditionally underrepresented individuals.

Science is empowering and should be accessible to everyone.
We are committed to ensuring that scientific information reaches as broad an audience as possible. We strive to create clear, practical messages and materials to share with the public and other stakeholders.

Meaningful change requires accountability.
Our work to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion is an ongoing process within the organization. We evaluate progress toward attaining our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. We share the results with the I-LABS community and invite feedback on our progress.