Seven Ways to Boost Brain Development

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family plays outside together

What are some everyday ways that parents can support their children’s developing brains? Amelia Bachleda, Director of I-LABS Outreach and Education division, describes not only what parents can do but why it’s important. Read her insights in this ParentMap magazine article.

Explore the Power of Play!

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connecting through play

Learn about the magic of play in early childhood in our latest video series.  Explore the power of play in I-LABS’ latest series: Supporting Child Development Through Play. While it might seem as though play is just fun and games, for children play is one of the most important and meaningful contexts for learning and building relationships. Each video in the series highlights … Read More

I-LABS Director of Outreach briefs national business leaders on brain development in children ages 0-5.

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Amelia Bachleda, Ph.D.

Dr. Amelia Bachleda engaged members of ReadyNation recently in a talk on infant brain development. One of the captivating moments in the presentation was the revelation that millions of neurons are formed each second in the early years of life. In addition, Bachleda spoke about the importance of early social interactions to formation of executive function skills in toddlerhood.  The ReadyNation audience consisted of business leaders from around the … Read More

Andrew Meltzoff elected to National Academy of Education

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Andrew Meltzoff

I-LABS co-Director Andrew Meltzoff has been elected to the National Academy of Education (NAE). This prestigious group of scholars are selected for their impact on the field of education. The NAE is the nation’s highest scientific body in education sciences, often consulted by the White House, Congress, and others. NAE member Meltzoff is being recognized for his work on stereotypes … Read More

Chantel Prat on Nature Neuroscience podcast

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Chantel Prat

Tales from the Synapse is a 12-part podcast series produced in partnership with the scientific journal Nature Neuroscience. The series features brain scientists from all over the world who talk about their career journeys, collaborations and the societal impact of their research.  In this episode, I-LABS faculty member Chantel Prat talks about her studies on the neuroscience of individual differences in … Read More

Introducing the I-LABS Instagram Account

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I-LABS is on Instagram!

The Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS) announces the launch of our official Instagram account –  @UW_ILABS. Our new social media platform is designed to keep you informed and engaged with groundbreaking research and resources you can use. By following our Instagram account, you’ll gain access to:• The latest research news and updates from I-LABS• Inspiring stories and insights from … Read More

AI signals mirror how the brain listens

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artificial neural network image

When we listen to spoken words, the sound enters our ears and is converted into electrical signals. Those signals then travel through the brainstem and into the auditory processing regions of the brain. Christina Zhao at I-LABS and colleagues at UC Berkeley and Johns Hopkins traced that path in the brain using EEG electrodes placed on listeners’ scalps.  Participants listened … Read More

I-LABS Outreach Resources Now Available in Four Languages

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Many of our I-LABS Outreach Resources are now available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Somali. We invite you to explore our new translated materials, including select modules, discussion guides, handouts, and infographics.  Click here for resources in English Click here for resources in Spanish Click here for resources in Vietnamese Click here for resources in Somali

I-LABS researchers have discovered a connection between conversational turn taking with infants, and their brain maturation related to language development

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father and son play with toy dinosaurs

Have you ever wondered what exactly is going on in the brains of babies as you return their coos and chat through the millionth diaper change? Turns out, quite a lot. Researchers at I-LABS looked at how the structure of babies’ brains change in response to early language input. Their findings, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, explored the effects … Read More

New America blog shares I-LABS DLL research

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New America is a think tank which focuses on public policy issues. Recently their Education Policy Program blogged about I-LABS research on dual-language learning (DLL) which strikes down common misconceptions about babies’ brain, cognitive and social development when learning more than one language. Thanks to the I-LABS Outreach team’s Beth Zack and Marley Jarvis whose presentation inspired this New America … Read More