Sarah Lytle on High-Quality Interactions with Children

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I-LABS’ Dr. Sarah Lytle spoke about effective early learning interactions at a Birth-to-Three Policy Meeting on October 5. I-LABS Director of Outreach and Education, Dr. Sarah Lytle, recently spoke at a Birth-to-Three Policy Alliance meeting. Dr. Lytle provided an overview of how the brain develops in the first 2,000 days of a child’s life (birth to age 5) and explained how the important wiring takes … Read More

I-LABS Library of Training Modules


Check out the latest Outreach Module! I-LABS has created a library of free online training modules. These resources offer a space for the early learning community to engage with the latest science of child development. Modules present cutting-edge research in a way that is relevant, accessible, and useable.  Each module takes 20-25 minutes to complete, and discusses a specific topic in child development. … Read More

Ask I-LABS Outreach: How Early Does Learning Begin?

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It’s common to want to give babies the best possible start in life, and many parents wonder how early they can begin giving their child enriching, brain-building experiences. Photo: Flickr, Jlhopgood In this edition of Ask I-LABS Outreach we turn to a topic that fascinates most people: how early does learning begin? I’ve been studying very early learning for decades. I started … Read More