I-LABS Modules Now Available in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Somali

I-LABSOutreach, Research

I-LABS has released an exciting new update to the online library of training modules: Spanish, Vietnamese, and Somali versions are now available for some languages. A ‘Languages’ drop-down menu on the module site now allows users to choose the language of module they would like to access.

This addition to the module library – made possible through support of The Boeing Company – represents an important next step in making the science of child development available to a wide range of audiences.“

All families and childcare providers should have access to the latest research, regardless of their home language,” said Sarah Lytle, I-LABS Director of Outreach and Education.

The I-LABS Outreach and Education team worked extensively with community organizations to create the Spanish, Vietnamese, and Somali versions of the modules to ensure that they are culturally and linguistically relevant.

This is the latest feature for the I-LABS module library of free, online modules on child development topics. Each 20- to 25-minute module is designed to equip parents, early learning professionals, and other caregivers with practical ways to use the latest science in their interactions with children. Discussion guides accompany each module to support the use of these resources in professional development settings.