I-LABS Outreach Director Discusses Screen Media

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Parents today are understandably concerned about their children’s increased use of media during COVID-19.  I-LABS Outreach director Sarah Lytle and other child development specialists discuss different strategies for managing screen media.  They stress balancing media use with other activities and remind parents that quality is more important than quantity. Read the article here.

Introducing the New I-LABS Outreach and Education Website


We are so excited to share that I-LABS Outreach has a new look! Celebrate with us as we introduce the new I-LABS Outreach and Education Website. Please enjoy our preview. We have dozens of free resources for you to explore. Below are some of our favorites.  Check out research-based answers to common questions with Ask-ILABS. Bring Science to life with our Video Library. … Read More

I-LABS Outreach Offers Free Resources – Activities!


 I-LABS Outreach continues to create free resources to connect the science and practice of learning.  During these uncertain times, it can be helpful to share activities with children.  Below are some resources you can download and share. Download a brain coloring sheet here. Download a neuron coloring sheet here. Download the Caring Across Distance infographic here.

Finding Math Activities


Children can learn important math concepts in everyday situations and through play.  I-LABS Outreach develops materials to explain the science behind this process and to offer research-based activities. Click here to learn more about how play supports math learning. Click here to access the Instagram page and all the Finding Math activities.

I-LABS Outreach Team Releases 4 New Modules


 I-LABS Outreach has developed 4 new learning modules focused on early math acquisition. Module 20 – Early Numeracy Research tells us that early math skills are one of the best predictors of later success in school.  Learn more here. Module 21 – Spatial Skills and Reasoning We use spatial thinking every day, and it is an essential part of school readiness. … Read More

I-LABS Video Wins APA Competition

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Outreach and Education Specialist at I-LABS Marley Jarvis’ video, Moving in Unison has won The American Psychological Association’s PsycShorts Video Festival and Competition.  Marley’s two-minute video highlights research on synchrony and cooperation done here at I-LABS through her original animation. Marley’s video can be seen here. Congratulations Marley!

I-LABS Video Is A Finalist in APA Competition

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I–LABS Outreach and Education Specialist Marley Jarvis’ video on Moving in Unison has been named as a finalist in The American Psychological Association’s PsycShorts Video Festival and Competition.  Marley’s two-minute video highlights research done here at I-LABS through her original animation.   APA judges will decide on some winners, but there is also an Audience Prize which is decided by popular vote. … Read More

New Outreach Module: Early STEM Learning

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The Outreach team is excited to announce a new module on early STEM learning (science, technology, engineering, math). I-LABS research scientist and Hearst Fellow, Allison Master developed the module. The Hearst Fellowship Program brings the scientific expertise of I-LABS researchers together with the translation and dissemination skills of the outreach team. Through the fellowship, I-LABS researchers communicate their scientific knowledge into easy-to-understand … Read More

I-LABS Modules Now Available in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Somali

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I-LABS has released an exciting new update to the online library of training modules: Spanish, Vietnamese, and Somali versions are now available for some languages. A ‘Languages’ drop-down menu on the module site now allows users to choose the language of module they would like to access. This addition to the module library – made possible through support of The … Read More