Samu Taulu, D.Sc.

Associate Professor

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Current Position
Associate Professor of Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Director, I-LABS MEG Brain Imaging Center, University of Washington, Seattle USA

Master of Science in Technology, Department of Technical Physics, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland (Apr. 2000)
Doctor of Science (Tech.), Department of Technical Physics, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland (Oct. 2008)

Main Previous Professional Appointments
Course Assistant at the Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering, Helsinki University of Technology (1997)
Research Assistant at the Low Temperature Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology (1997-1998)
Researcher at the Low Temperature Laboratory and Master's thesis worker for Neuromag Oy (1998-2000)
Method development engineer, Neuromag Oy Researcher, Elekta Neuromag Oy (2000-2006)
Senior Researcher, Elekta Oy
 (2009-2012) Senior Clinical Applications Scientist and Project Manager, Elekta Oy (2012-2014)

Research funding
NIH bridge funding for year 2018 on project “Improved Spatial Resolution in Magnetoencephalography with an Optically Pumped Magnetometer Array” in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories in the role of a co-PI.
NIH R01 funding on project “Scalable software for distributed processing and visualization of large multi-site MEG/EEG datasets” in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard University in the role of a co-PI.
NIH U01 funding for years 2019-2024 on project “Wearable Brain Imaging System” in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories in the role of a co-PI.

Excellence Award at the 2005 MEG Applications Conference (Xylocastro, Greece)
Outstanding Reviewer Award, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, Nov. 2015.

1. Suppression of artifacts in non-invasive multichannel electromagnetic recordings using robust spatiotemporal signal space projections, provisional patent submitted in August of 2018.
2. Reducing sensor noise in multichannel arrays using oversampled temporal projection and associated systems and methods” The patent became public on November 30, 2017.
3. Method for adjusting interference signal space in bio-magnetic field measurements (priority date 2010-07-06)
4. Method for designing coils systems for generation of magnetic fields of desired geometry, a magnetic resonance imaging or magnetoencephalography apparuts with a coil assembly and a computer program (priority date 2010-03-26)
5. Method for separating multichannel signals produced by AC and DC sources from one another (priority date 2004-01-19)
6. Method for interference suppression in a measuring device (priority date 2004-02-13)
7. Analysis of multi-channel measurement data using orthogonal virtual channels (priority date 
8. Method and device for interference suppression in electromagnetic multi-channel measurement 
(priority date 2005-04-28)
9. Method and system for processing a multi-channel measurement of magnetic fields (priority date 
10. Method and device for using a multi-channel measurement signal in determining the current 
distribution of an object (priority date 2003-09-26)
11. Determining a position of objects in a predetermined coordinate system (priority date 2001-03-19)

Teacher at the introductory and advanced customer training courses of Elekta Oy
Guest lecturer at several graduate-level physics courses at Helsinki University
Instructor of the Master’s thesis of Liisa Helle (completed in 2009), Department of Technical Physics, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland.
Instructor of the doctoral thesis of Dr. Jussi Nurminen (completed in 2014), Department of Technical Physics, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland.
Currently instructor of the doctoral thesis of M.Sc. Liisa Helle
Instructor of UW Physics graduate students Zachary Bednarke and Wanjin Yao.
Currently instructor of 6 UW Physics undergraduate students
Instructor of the undergraduate course PHYS122 (Electromagnetism) in the fall quarter of 2018 and winter quarter of 2019 at the University of Washington
Instructor of PHYS 427 / 576 (Applications of Physics) in the spring quarter of 2020 at the University of Washington