I-LABS Research Sheds Light On Children’s Race and Gender Identities

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The current national conversations about race are both necessary and difficult.  It is important to anchor these conversations in what we know about children’s development. Former I-LABS researcher Onnie Rogers, now a faculty member at Northwestern University, and I-LABS co-Director Andrew Meltzoff investigated the origins of children’s race and gender identities.

The research was originally published in Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.  Read that article here.

I-LABS used the research to develop evidence-based practices for talking to children about race.  Read that here.

Read an overview of the research in the UW News here.

Dr. Onnie Rogers now works at the Development of Identities in Cultural Environments (DICE) Lab at Northwestern University.  Learn more about the DICE Lab here.  Learn more about Dr. Rogers here.