Áine Ní Choisdealbha

Visiting Scientist


Dr. Ní Choisdealbha is a visiting scientist working with Dr. Andrew Meltzoff. Her background is in infant EEG and eye-tracking. Her work focuses on the how infants gain motor skills, and how these new skills affect action perception, spatial cognition, and the development of a body schema.

She obtained her B.A. in Psychology and M.Sc. in Neuroscience from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and a Ph.D. from Lancaster University, U.K. After her Ph.D., she worked on behavioural public policy at the Economic and Social Research Institute in Dublin before taking up a postdoctoral research position at the University of Cambridge to work on the longitudinal BabyRhythm study of rhythm processing and language development in infancy and toddlerhood.

Selected publications:

Ní Choisdealbha, Á., Brady, N., & Maguinness, C. (2011). Differing roles for the dominant and non-dominant hands in the hand laterality task. Experimental Brain Research, 211, 73-85.

Ní Choisdealbha, Á., & Reid, V. (2014). The developmental cognitive neuroscience of action: semantics, motor resonance and social processing. Experimental Brain Research, 232, 1585-1597.

Ní Choisdealbha, Á., Westermann, G., Dunn, K., & Reid, V. (2016). Dissociating associative and motor aspects of action understanding: Processing of dual‐ended tools by 16‐month‐old infants. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 34(1), 115-131.

Lunn, P. D., & Ní Choisdealbha, Á. (2018). The case for laboratory experiments in behavioural public policy. Behavioural Public Policy, 2(1), 22-40.

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Attaheri, A., Ní Choisdealbha, Á., Di Liberto, G. M., Rocha, S., Brusini, P., Mead, N., ... & Goswami, U. (2022). Delta-and theta-band cortical tracking and phase-amplitude coupling to sung speech by infants. NeuroImage, 247, 118698.