I-LABS 2016 Interns

Summer 2016 Internship

Miriam Donner is a rising junior at Davidson College, working towards a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Educational Studies. She intends to pursue a career in child development as a clinical psychologist for children/adolescents. Within the realm of child development, Miriam is particularly interested in, and is excited to learn more about the mother-child relationship as it relates to executive functioning, as well as the social and emotional development of children. She loves all kids and has previous experience working with a variety of abilities from children classified as normally developing, to gifted children, to those on the autism spectrum. With her combined interests, Miriam is thrilled to be working as an intern at I-LABS this summer, and can't wait to gain a deeper and active look into different aspects of child development

Will Hodge is an incoming sophomore at Tufts University where he plans to study cognitive neuroscience. He is specifically interested in the intersection of neuroscience and mental health, especially in regards to mental illness. This summer Will is excited to learn about the intricate process that is childhood development and how science can help us to understand and support children more effectively. Currently playing with the idea of becoming a psychiatrist, he hopes I-LABS will help him illuminate a career path for down the road and is looking forward to what the summer will bring.

Riley MacAulay is a rising junior at Princeton University where she is studying Neuroscience. She looks to expand her knowledge on childhood learning, particularly with regard to learning disabilities and neurology. Riley has coded for a psychology fMRI study and has been a participant in a transcranial magnetic stimulation experiment, and wants to continue to study different research methods to learn more about the brain at I-LABS.

Maria Venneri is a rising junior at Grinnell College in Iowa, studying Neuroscience and Psychology. She is interested in language development in children and the impact of bilingualism in brain development. She hopes to expand her knowledge on child learning and that I-LABS will give her the opportunity to determine how to incorporate these interests into a future career path.