I-LABS 2015 Interns

Summer 2015 Internship

Patrick Donnelly, born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona, is a graduate of Tufts University in Medford, MA with a degree in Child Development. As an undergrad he worked as a research assistant on the Genes, Reading, and Dyslexia study and took courses in linguistics, developmental science, public health, and cognitive science. He is interested in pursuing graduate work within the broad umbrella of child development and hopes that I-LABS and the summer internship program will help elucidate the proper avenue to do so.

Sara Federman is an incoming senior at Mercer Island High School participating in the I-LABS summer internship program. She is very interested in language acquisition and cognition. Sara loves kids and is excited to play with babies while simultaneously learning about their brains. She hopes to pursue a career in the field of cognitive sciences and dreams of one day giving a Ted Talk.

Kathleen Malloch is a sophomore at Harvard College where she intends to pursue a concentration in Neurobiology, Cognitive Neurobiology and Evolutionary Psychology or Chemistry. As an intern with the I-LABS Kathleen is interested in projects relating to language development and brain imaging techniques such as MRI and MEG. This is of particular interest to her due to her previous experience learning Mandarin and Spanish. She looks forward to the opportunity that the I-LABS will provide and hopes that the internship will help to determine what she wants to accomplish in the future.

Grace Noah is a rising senior at the University of Washington, working towards a B.S. in Psychology. She is interested in brain and emotional development in young children and also sports psychology in adolescents. She is excited to delve deeper into all aspects of early childhood learning and be able to help with and learn more about community outreach.

Jenna Shamseldin is currently pursuing a Degree in Early Childhood and Family Studies and premed at the University of Washington. Eventually, she wishes to get involved in a career in pediatrics. She has enjoyed working at a camp for individuals with disabilities and at an in-home daycare.

Sam Wolf is one of the 2015 summer interns at the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences. He attends high school at Trinity School in New York City and is entering his junior year. He is interested in many aspects of mathematics and the sciences, but is especially fascinated by neuroscience and DNA-related sciences. He hopes to pursue and expand upon these interests throughout his internship and possibly work towards determining a potential career path. Sam also enjoys tutoring young children in English and math, and his favorite activities include hiking and writing.