Volunteer for child development studies at the UW Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences!

Families with children (ages 0-17) can sign up for I-LABS studies.
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Are you expecting? Do you have a newborn? We have studies for the youngest babies.

We have studies throughout the year for infants, toddlers, and children.

Some of our studies are online!

Why volunteer for studies?

  • Interesting and fun for parents and children
  • New learning experiences and activities
  • Thank you gift and/or gift card at your visit

It is easy to visit!

  • Appointment times throughout the day
  • Free parking during your visit
  • Parking right in front of our building

We study how and what children learn about social interactions, language, math, and feelings.

Click to join our contact list, called the I-LABS Registry. There is an online sign-up form. If you sign up for studies now, we will contact you later. After signing up, we will contact you when your child is near the age for a study. We will give you information about the study. You can decide if you and your child want to participate and try out a research project.

Help us discover what children think, feel, and learn!

To join the I-LABS Registry online:
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To join by mail-in enrollment forms:
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Thanks for your interest in our UW child development studies!


Call us at 206-685-2045 or email us at ilabsreg@uw.edu

Confidentiality/Privacy: The I-LABS Registry is a confidential contact list for studies of child development.

Toddler at play