People of I-LABS: Myles Reilly

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People of I-LABS

Vibrant, super-smart and caring: these are just a few of the qualities that describe the dozens of interdisciplinary researchers at I-LABS. Their innovative ideas and technological savviness help drive the Institute’s reputation as a world leader in child development and brain science.

And their kindness, professionalism and sense of humor greet all of the hundreds of families that volunteer each year for studies at I-LABS.

In the “People of I-LABS” series, we get to know the research scientists, post-doctoral fellows and other researchers who make up the elite team at I-LABS.

Please tell us a little about yourself. Where do you come from? How did you get involved in your specialty?

I’m originally from Long Island NY. In the 1980’s the Boston / Route 128 tech corridor was booming and I decided to get on board. This took me eventually to Boston/Worcester, MA/Salt Lake City and now Seattle.

What are your responsibilities here?

I am a Research Scientist at the I-LABS MEG Brain Imaging Center.  My primary responsibilities are the care and feeding of the MEG machine, as well as supporting researchers in developing stimulus paradigms and devices.

What’s your favorite part of working at I-LABS?

The family oriented atmosphere and the amazing variety of baby personalities.