Ask I-LABS Outreach: Announcing a New Series


outreach team 2016
outreach team
Photo caption: The I-LABS Outreach team: Jane Hu, Elizabeth Zach, Sarah Roseberry Lytle, Lily Shafer and Amelia Bachleda.

When they’re out on the road, the I-LABS Outreach team fields a lot of the same questions from parents, educators and others working with young children.

People are concerned about pressure to make kids smart and bilingual. They want guidance on allowing digital media in their home. They’re curious about brain development.

They all want to know how to give their children the best possible start in life.

In a new series, “Ask I-LABS Outreach,” the I-LABS Outreach team will take the most common topics that it encounters and explain what the science says about each one.

The goal of this series is to help disseminate child development science to people who can put it into practice with young children.

From large lecture halls to cramped church basements to webinars with national reach the team connected with tens of thousands of people in 2015 alone through community events in Seattle and around the country.

And with the launch of “Ask I-LABS Outreach” the goal is to expand that reach to the community even further.

The first of the series will be posted soon—see it on the I-LABS news page or the I-LABS Facebook and Twitter pages. Or, sign up for the quarterly Outreach newsletter.

What would you like “Ask I-LABS Outreach” to cover? Email your ideas to: