2018 Media Coverage

11/26/18 - KING5 TV

Naja Ferjan Ramirez offers her expertise for this KING 5 feature.  Naja is part of a team of I-LABS researchers who coached Seattle families on using parentese with their children. Parentese is a style of speech that features higher pitch and elongated vowels. One couple discusses their experience with the King 5 hosts and Naja.

11/26/18 - KUOW 94.9 Radio

This KUOW article reviews an I-LABS study about parentese, the style of speech many parents use with their babies.  Parentese encourages babies to babble in response, explains I-LABS scientist Naja Ferjan Ramirez. This work was recently published in the journal Developmental Science.

7/11/18 - MedicalResearch.com

Infants Are Lips Experts With Prominent Neural Map of Lips 

7/9/18 - The New York Times

What Babies Know About Their Bodies and Themselves 

2/22/18 - Wall Street Journal

Are Babies Able to See What Others Feel? I-LABS research highlighted in the Wall Street Journal.

2/1/18 - KNKC Public Radio

Babies Show Beginning Signs of Empathy As Early As 7 Months