Rodion Natalenko

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Rodion Natalenko, a Moskovsky native, is an undergraduate honors student at the University of Washington, working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. As a strong advocate of Leo Tolstoy’s philosophy, he gains strength from a spiritually grounded belief system based on Tolstoy’s summation of the wisdom of humankind. Rodion is currently working on his honors thesis at the Cognition and Cortical Dynamics Laboratory, using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to investigate the brain basis of individual differences in cognitive strategies (as indexed by measures of cognitive style) and cognitive skills (as indexed by standardized ability tests). After graduation, he plans to enter a clinical psychology graduate program, with the ultimate goal of creating a place where men, women, and children are able to live to their maximum potential and beyond.

“The purpose of life is to improve one’s inner self. The meaning of life is to give purpose to the universe.” – Rodion Natalenko

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