Walla Walla Our Kids, Our Business Luncheon

LABS Co-Director Dr. Andrew Meltzoff gave the keynote address, “The Scientist in the Crib: Minds, Brains, and How Children Learn,” at the Walla Walla Valley Early Learning Coalition’s annual Our Kids, Our Business luncheon. Sponsored by the Wildhorse Foundation, the Foundation for Early Learning, and Whitman College, the event brought together over 120 community and business leaders to discuss the importance of continued investments in our children and support for strong early childhood education.

The Walla Wall Union-Bulletin covered this event and recapped highlights of Meltzoff's talk. "Human beings learn what to do, and what not to do, by watching others," he said. Walla Walla's Chief of Police, Scott Bieber, then followed up with an Op-Ed on November 2, 2012.

Earlier in the day, Dr. Meltzoff and Dr. Sarah Roseberry, Outreach Specialist at I-LABS, also had the opportunity to visit the College Place Migrant Head Start School. The school’s director, Yolanda Esquivel, led a tour of the facilities, but the highlight of the trip was watching a group of toddlers play and learn in a pile of autumn leaves.