Paul Shoemaker of SVP gives TEDx talk featuring I-LABS and its Board

On December 28, 2011, Paul Shoemaker, the executive connector of Social Venture Partners (SVP), electrified audiences at TEDx Rainier with his talk on on the transformational power of philanthropy.

Paul's talk featured I-LABS as the example for how exponential human and social capital leverage fiscal capital to make "real and significant progress against our most vexing social problems."

Paul describes how SVP members Bill Henningsgaard and Suzi LeVine utilized their professional expertise and social networks to raise I-LABS' profile and launch our Advisory Board and first strategic plan. In combination with the Institute's pioneering research, these efforts led directly to, the launch of the Developing Mind Project, the acquisition of our groundbreaking MEG facility, and I-LABS' preeminent presence on the national and international stages.