I-LABS on Screen Media: 'The More Interactive, The Better'

      The television station Q13, a Fox News affiliate covering Seattle and Tacoma, featured I-LABS Outreach Director Sarah Lytle in a recent special on the role of screen media and child development.

Lytle spoke about best practices parents can use in selecting media for their children and she emphasized the importance of choosing devices, programs and apps that encourage active interactions between caregivers and children.

"The more interactive, the better," Lytle told Q13. "We know that kids learn best when they're active." Parents can make television watching more interactive by asking their children questions, such as "What do you see happening?," "What do you think will happen next?," "What do you think the character is feeling or thinking?"

Lytle also explained research showing how children can learn through interactive video chat, like Skype, and cited Common Sense Media as a resource for parents hoping to make informed decisions about media and their children.

Earlier this year, Lytle spoke about best practices in screen media at a national meeting convened by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Based on insights from the meeting, the Academy then revised its screen media recommendations and issued updated advice to parents this fall. Read more on the AAP website.

Lytle spoke during a live Q13 broadcast airing Nov. 6. Watch the full segment below: