I-LABS Roundtable: Children as consumers

The next I-LABS Roundtable is on 2/27 is called "Children as consumers: The case of Croatia (EU), presented by Ružica Brečić. She is from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, EU. 
Consumer research recognizes developmental differences in information processing among
children of different ages. The fact that most children experience media and marketplace as
part of their daily lives—and that consumption might influence their negotiations with
parents over what to buy—is absent from most consumer socialization research. In this talk, I
will present the research on back-to- school shopping in stores among elementary school
children and their parents. I will describe the child and parent shopping experiences and how
these experiences influence parent-child negotiation on what to buy. The findings illuminate
the process of parent-child negotiation and its outcomes for purchasing decisions. Finally, I
will present new data collected in collaboration with UW I-LABS on a project examining
whether the toy shopping experiences of boys and girls may be related to how parents
communicate stereotypes about gender roles and math to their children.