I-LABS puts its PAWS ON SCIENCE at annual UW science fair at the Pacific Science Center

March 29-30, 2012 - Over 1,000 children and families had opportunity to delve into the science or learning with I-LABS at our booth at this year's Paws on Science event, a collaboration between UW and the Pacific Science Center. Our interactive exhibit, called "Seeing and Hearing Language" highlighted the ways that the brain acts like a sponge, reshaping itself based on whatever it is exposed to.

To highlight the critical role of language input and interaction, demonstrations included an interactive touch-screen where visitors of all ages could experience the effects of how the brain is "wired" and "tuned" specifically to the languages around it, starting early in life. Visitors also learned first-hand how non-verbal cues, including gesture, eye-gaze and imitation are all used by even the youngest babies to learn their first language. During the fun two-day event, young scientists and their families got to explore how brain science and early learning go together, and how they too can observe, teach, and learn from the babies in their lives. In addition to all the young scientists who came to visit our booth, we also had a chance to hang out with Dubs, Harry the Husky, and the UW Marching Band.

Check out the PAWS website for more details.