I-LABS Modules on National List of Early Literacy Resources

The I-LABS Outreach Training Modules have been included in a national list of early literacy resources compiled by the nonprofit think tank New America and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop.

Designed as an interactive map, "Integrating Technology in Early Literacy" is meant to show the scope of how technology is being used by early learning programs. It includes 30 resources around the country, with plans to expand the list.

"Many early learning programs are beginning to determine how they might harness these tools to engage with parents, strengthen community programs, support ties between home learning and classroom learning, and otherwise augment efforts to help children develop early language and literacy skills," New America explained on the project's website.

The I-LABS modules are a free online library of tools designed for parents, educators and others working with children primarily aged 0-3. Each module, which lasts about 20 minutes, focuses on a different topic such as children's imitation, early language learning and brain development. The modules explain key scientific discoveries related to each topic and highlight ways to use the science in everyday interactions with young children.

"Technology is an excellent way to communicate with the broader early learning community," said Sarah Lytle, I-LABS outreach director, who leads the development of the modules. "We're pleased that the I-LABS modules are part of a national effort to showcase quality digital resources that can make a difference in children's lives."

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