I-LABS Celebrates Science and Learning at Seattle Science Festival

On Saturday June 8, over 30,000 children and families joined I-LABS at the 2nd annual Seattle Science Festival Expo Day at the Seattle Center. The I-LABS booth featured 4 exhibits which engaged both kids and kids at heart in the science of early learning. In addition, we gave away plush brain cells along with facts about the developing brain.

Exhibit 1 included a touch screen investigating how infant brains learn language. Exhibit 2 featured alive interaction showing how babies learn from the people in their environment. The game in Exhibit 3 shared how toddlers learn about the world by just listening to other people express emotions. And Exhibit 4 gave young children 4 unique ways 'play' with their brains.

A great time was had by all and the thousands of kids and parents who mobbed the I-LABS booth not only had fun but also picked up a few neat facts about how young children learn and develop.