Barbara T. Conboy, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

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Conboy was a postdoctoral fellow working with Dr. Patricia K. Kuhl on studies of early language acquisition, and is currently an Assistant Professor at University of Redlands. Her research involves the use of behavioral and event-related brain potential (ERP) methods to explore whether very young children use their experience from one language to facilitate learning and processing in another language. Other research interests include the effects of input and experience on language and brain development, and the early identification and treatment of language impairment in bilingual children. Dr. Conboy is also an ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist and has worked extensively with Spanish-English bilingual as well as monolingual children.


Educational Background
Ph.D., University of California, San Diego/ San Diego State University (Language and Communicative Disorders, 2002)
Dissertation: Patterns of Language Processing and Growth in Early English-Spanish Bilingualism
M.A., Temple University, Philadelphia, PA (Speech-Language-Hearing, 1992)
B.A., Smith College, Northampton, MA (Latin-American Studies, 1985)

Research Interests
The roles of cognitive abilities and input factors in simultaneous bilingualism and early second language experience
The combined use of event related potential (ERP) and behavioral methods for studying the development of language processing systems in infancy and early childhood
Early identification and treatment of language impairment in infants and toddlers from bilingual backgrounds

Research Training
Post-Doctoral, 2003-present. UW Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences. Advisor: Patricia K. Kuhl, Ph.D.
Pre-Doctoral, 1997-2002. Brain & Cognitive Development Laboratory, Center for Research in Language, University of California, San Diego. Advisor: Debra Mills, Ph.D.
Pre-Doctoral, 1996-2002. Developmental Psycholinguistics Laboratory, San Diego State University. Advisor: Donna Thal, Ph.D.
Master's, 1990-1991. Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Temple University, Philadelphia. Advisor: Aquiles Iglesias, Ph.D.
Grants, Fellowships, & Awards
Postdoctoral Individual National Research Service Award, National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, “Bilingual and Second Language Learning in Infancy,” 2006-present
Doctoral Scholarship, Bamford-Lahey Children’s Foundation, 2001-2002
Dean’s Dissertation Award, College of Health & Human Services, San Diego State University, 2001-2002
Predoctoral Fellowship, National Institute of Mental Health Training Program in Cognitive Neuroscience, 2000-2001
Dissertation Grant, University of California Linguistic Minority Research Institute,2000-2001
Graduate Students Present Award, Cognitive Neuroscience Society, April 2000
Head Start Research Scholar’s Grant, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, 1998-2000
Predoctoral Fellowship, McDonnell-Pew Training Program in Cognitive Neuroscience, 1997-1998
Hispanic Emphasis Training Grant, Temple University, 1990-1992


Phone Number: 
(206) 221-6415