Christine M. Moon


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Dr. Moon is an Affiliate Associate Professor in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences in addition to her appointment as Professor of Psychology at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma. Her primary research interest is the effect of very early experience on the perception of speech sounds and voice recognition, and her laboratory is in the mother/baby care unit at Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma. Dr. Moon is co-founder of the International Perinatal Brain and Behavior Network.


Educational Background

Whitman College, B.A., French Literature, 1971
Columbia University, M.A., Experimental Psychology, 1983
Columbia University, Ph.D., Experimental Psychology, 1985

Academic Positions Held

Professor, Pacific Lutheran University, Department of Psychology, 2002-Present (Chair 1994-5 and 1996-8)
Affiliate Associate Professor, University of Washington, Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences, 2000-Present
Associate Professor, Pacific Lutheran University, Department of Psychology, 1994-2002
Assistant Professor, Pacific Lutheran University, Department of Psychology, 1990-1994
Assistant Professor, Columbia University, Department of Psychiatry, 1989-1990
Assistant Professor, Columbia University, Clinical Psychology, 1989-1990
Research Scientist, New York State Psychiatric Institute, 1988-90
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Barnard College, Department of Psychology, 1985-1989

Professional Offices, Awards, and Affiliations

2005-Present, Co-chair, International Perinatal Brain and Behavor Network
2001-2004, Research Mentor, Madigan Army Medical Hospital
1993-Present, Research Psychologist (Affiliate Staff), Tacoma General Hospital


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