I-LABS Bridges the Gap Between Scientific Discovery and Practical Application

All children deserve the best start in life and new scientific discoveries deepen our understanding of how to create the best environments for children. The Outreach and Education team at I-LABS creates new and effective ways to bridge the gap between the science and the practice of learning by disseminating the latest science of child development. Our team shares the latest scientific discoveries in relevant and actionable ways with those who can best put it into practice: early learning professionals, parents, and policymakers. Partners use cutting-edge research to create evidence-based policies, practices, and programs that grow the next generation of lifelong learners.

Science has the ability to inform and transform children’s earliest experiences. The Outreach and Education team is dedicated to putting our findings into the hands of those who can use them. We collaborate with partners, at the local and national level, who are already embedded in the early learning community. With this efficient pipeline, the latest research on child development reaches caregivers, educators, parents, and policymakers who use the science to develop programs, teaching methods, and activities that help children flourish.

The Outreach and Education team produces a variety of materials, tools and trainings. I-LABS has built an online library of free training modules to share the latest science with the broader community. Each module explores a particular topic in child development, such as brain development, language acquisition, or imitation. Modules share evidence-based information about how young children learn. The modules are useful for understanding everyday interactions with children and for informing systems-level programs and policies. In addition to these online resources, the outreach team provides workshops, trainings, and webinars for regional and national audiences. The outreach division has also developed a series of traveling science exhibits. The exhibits communicate nuggets of I-LABS science to children and parents in a playful, interactive way.

Each new scientific discovery informs how we prepare our children for a lifetime of learning. I-LABS is dedicated to sharing these important findings with the early learning community. Equipped with the latest science of child development, those who work on behalf of children are able to create evidence-based policies, practices, and programs that prepare all children for success.

Outreach and Education Activities in the Community

The Outreach and Education division works with a variety of different partners and audiences. Click the links below to learn more.

Educators & Practitioners

Parents, Public, & Advocates

Private Sector & Foundations


For more information, contact us at ilabsout@uw.edu

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