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Are You Deaf? Is Your Child Deaf?

Volunteer for the Looking Game Study!

We are looking for families with children who are 4 to 36 months old and are in one of the following eligible groups:
– Deaf Infants
– Hard of Hearing Infants
– Hearing Infants of Deaf Parents

Why participate in the Looking Game Study?
– Help us with exciting research about children’s social interactions and language development
– Thank-you toy and gift card given at visit
– Flexible appointment times, including mornings, afternoons, and some weekends
– Parking reimbursement provided
– Reserved parking at most locations

We will keep your information in a confidential list and contact you when your child is near the age for a study. You will receive more information to help you decide if you want to participate in the study when your child is near the age for a study. All of our studies are designed to be fun for the infants who participate in them.

The Joint Attention Lab is part of the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, based at the Seattle campus of the University of Washington. We are planning to visit other cities in the Northwest to continue our study outside of Seattle. Let us know your hometown so we can contact you if we are planning to travel to your area!

To be contacted for the Looking Game Study:

Click here to sign up online

For more information or to participate, email or call us!
Dawn Hathaway:
jalab@uw.edu or (206) 685-2045

There is no obligation to participate in any future studies.

Click here to see or download study flyer

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