2006 Coverage

Patricia K. Kuhl, Toshiaki Imada, & Maritza Rivera-Gaxiola. New Insights into How Babies Talk, by Robert Bazell. NBC Nightly News, September 28, 2006. Watch Video »

Imada, T, Zhang, Y., Cheour, M., Taulu, S., Ahonen, A., & Kuhl, P. K.. (2006) Infant speech perception activates Brocas area: a developmental magnetoencephalography study. NeuroReport, 17, 957-962. Research Findings (PDF) | More Coverage

Atance, C. M., & Meltzoff, A. N.(2006) Preschoolers’ Current Desires Warp Their Choices for the Future. Psychological Science, 17, 583-587. More Coverage »

Andrew N. Meltzoff & Patricia K. Kuhl. Born to Learn, by Patrick O'Callaghan. The News Tribune (Tacoma, Washington), June 25, 2006.

Patricia K. Kuhl. Using CD to Learn English? No, Human Interaction Matters. Press conference at the Hsin-Yi Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan, in conjunction with invited talk. Broadcasting Corporation of China, June 12, 2006.

Patricia K. Kuhl & Andrew N. Meltzoff. Social Contact Fosters Child Language Development, by Ulrica Widsell. Swedish Metro (Stockholm, Sweden), June 1, 2006.

Andrew N. Meltzoff, Patricia K. Kuhl & Rechele Brooks. Grosse pläne für Kleine Köpfe. GEO, 37, 64-75.

Patricia K. Kuhl & Andrew N. Meltzoff. Want a brainier baby?, by Pamela Paul. Time, January 16, 2006.

Andrew N. Meltzoff. Cells that read minds, by Sandra Blakeslee. The New York Times, January 10, 2006. 

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